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Polarsteps Guatemala

GPS track and pictures of my journey.

Pictures Iceland

Polarsteps Iceland

GPS track and pictures of my journey.

Baking motorcycle jeans

For riding my motorcycle I got some fashionable motorcycle jeans. They look gorgeous but the side effect is, that they are not waterproof and dry really slowly. So I decided to wax them with Fjällräven Greenland Wax what I already was using on my G-1000 outdoor pants. The wax is getting into...

Luxury hiking to Australian Camp without guide in Nepal

Hiking to Australian Camp is easy and luxury. The hike from Kande is about 2km (1,5 hour walking) and a permit and/or guide is not needed.

Maha Shivaratri celebration

First day in Nepal, and what a day…. I came to Nepal with (un-planned) perfect timing. The festival Maha Shivaratri was celebrated today.

Polarsteps Nepal

GPS track and pictures of my journey.


Mumbai – former Bombay – is with a population of 18,4 million people the most populous city in India. About 9 million people living in slums. Dharavi is with 1 million people on 2,1 square kilometer the biggest slum in Mumbai and the second biggest of Asia. Expecting to see...

Amazing writer Aravind Kodlekere

In Gokarna I met the amazing writer Aravind Kodlekere, owner of the hotel I went due to the Stingray incident. I asked him if he had a book to read, because I ended up there without any luggage and the doctor forbid me to use my feet yet. The book where...

Video: Freedom Kite

I saw a beautiful street scene today. A kite was stuck over the metro line and was choosing his own way for a while.

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